Dental Hygiene Services

Did you know; gum disease and plaque build-up are often the most common causes of tooth decay and eventual tooth loss?

At Westdale Dental, we pride ourselves on the close working relationship between our dentists and hygienists so that you can rest assured your oral health is always in good hands, with your treatment being adapted to any changes in the health of your gums and teeth.

Our dedicated hygienists are fully qualified to assess and treat any gum problems you may have. As well as providing advice on the latest thinking on oral health, they carry out scaling and polishing to help as part of a preventative strategy and provide advanced treatments for gum disease.

Great dentist & Hygienist. Feels like they actually care.


New legislation now means that our hygienist treatments are available to anyone without a referral from a dentist. Whether you are already registered with us or not, you can benefit from a professional dental hygiene appointment.

Professional Hygiene Treatments Offered Directly To You

Standard Hygiene Clean

20 minutes


Cosmetic Clean & Polish

40 minutes


Ask our reception team for more information and to book your appointment by calling 0115 9603572


Please note the following:

The full fee will be payable on booking your appointment You will be asked to complete a brief medical history questionnaire. This is compulsory and will remain confidential.

Our Hygienists are trained dental professionals and they will not treat you if they feel it would be unsafe or inappropriate.

This hygiene service is not a substitute for a professional dental examination by a qualified dentist as Dental Hygienists are not trained to diagnose disease or to plan dental treatments.

Attendance at the practice for “Direct Access” does not constitute “Registration” with the practice.